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Tag Archives: Qiang He

The Tennessee Water Resources Research Center is leading a $1 million push to help small and rural communities sustainably fund wastewater system improvements.

UT Professor Qiang He leads efforts to mitigate contamination and exposure to hazardous microbes for patients who use nebulizers to receive medical treatment.

UT faculty members Baoshan Huang, Qiang He, and Nick Zhou see an opportunity to reduce plastic waste and tire rubber by incorporating the material into asphalt.

Professor Qiang He spoke with WBIR Channel 10 News for a story called “Sevierville Traffic May Be Hurting Your Lungs.”

Professor Qiang He was recently featured on a WBIR Channel 10 News segment talking how indoor air pollution impacts human health.

Professor Qiang He and Assistant Professor Shaui Li studied the potential airborne transmission of the COVID-19 virus in schools and the impact of interventions.

Professor Qiang He and Assistant Professor Shuai Li are conducting research on indoor air pollution, which could help with public health policy.

Undergrads Luke Aaron Edwards and Matthew Graham Montgomery and Professor Qiang He and Assistant Professor Shuai Li were acknowledged with 2021 Chancellor’s Awards.

Professor Qiang He, Assistant Professor Shuai Li, and MABE Professor Jindong Tan received a Best Paper Award for robotic decontamination research.

Professor Qiang He and Assistant Professor Shuai Li have had a string of research collaborations that could greatly reduce the […]