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MS in Environmental Engineering


CEE offers both thesis and non-thesis options for the Master of Science with a major in environmental engineering. Either option must be approved by the student’s major professor. Both options require completion of a set of core courses related to the student’s selected concentration.

Thesis Option

A minimum of 30 credit hours of approved graduate courses, including 6 credit hours of thesis and 24 credit hours of coursework. A minor may be selected but is not required.

Non-Thesis Option

A minimum of 30 credit hours of approved graduate courses is required, which may include a three-hour special problems course to be completed under the direction of the student’s major professor. A minor may be selected but is not necessarily required. All non-thesis MS students are required to take a culminating written examination. The written exam is offered twice a year once each in the fall and spring semesters.

Non-Thesis Exam

All non-thesis environmental engineering MS students must pass a final comprehensive written examination for the degree. The criteria for passing the written exam is a “B,” which has been interpreted to be a 75 overall average on the fundamentals and applications parts. If a student fails the exam, the student may retake the exam the following semester. The result of the second examination is final. The MS committee may choose to use an oral examination as a forum for testing a marginally-failing student (70–74 average).

The first part of the exam will be closed book containing questions in the fundamentals and basics. The student will be required to answer 12 out of 25 questions.

The second part of the exam will be open book/open note consisting of application type questions. The student will be required to answer 6 out of 26 questions. Students should see their advisor regarding the content of the exam.

Environmental Seminar

A weekly Environmental Engineering Seminar program is held in the fall and spring semesters. All full-time graduate students are required to register for ENVR 508-seminar and attend. Part-time students are encouraged to register and attend the seminar. One of the fall seminars will cover the program requirements for the environmental engineering. Seminar hours may not be applied towards degree requirements.

View the Graduate Catalog for more information.