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The UT student chapter of the Institute of Transportation Engineers won the Best Student Chapter Award at the Southern District of ITE Annual Meeting.

Professor Richard Bennett has been named an Honorary Member of The Masonry Society, an organization whose mission is to advance masonry knowledge.

The University of Tennessee Board of Trustees has approved the CEE department’s plan to create the state’s first Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering.

Mark Denavit authored a design guide on ponding for the American Institute of Steel Construction and Steel Joist Institute. The guide will be released in March.

Angel Palomino is working on an NSF-funded research project to help minimize the impact of contaminated floodwaters by developing a novel composite barrier.

Assistant Professor Haochen Li was recently awarded the 2023 Rudolph Hering Medal for a paper he co-authored about simulations in water clarification systems.

For over 30 years, Lee Han has let traffic data tell its own story. His research incorporates emerging data streams to revolutionize road repair and save lives.

With pedestrian traffic fatalities on the rise, Asad Khattak and Nastaran Moradloo investigated how to improve the performance of automatic braking systems.

A group from CEE is working with the Tennessee Department of Transportation to develop new concrete mixtures that will be more eco-friendly and cost efficient.

UT faculty and students attend the world’s largest transportation research conference to showcase leadership, improvements, and innovation in transportation.