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Ed Burdette and a student

Undergraduate Admissions and Advising


All undergraduate students apply through the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

Admission requirements for the College of Engineering are applicable to entering Freshman and to Transfer Students. Transfer and second degree students may also schedule an admissions advising appointment with Dr. John Schwartz, the Associate Department Head for Undergraduate Programs.


Advising Contact Info

April Gonzalez
Advisor I
323 John D. Tickle Engineering Building

Advising Policies

Freshmen and students who have not completed the Engineering Fundamentals coursework sequence should visit Engineering Advising Services to schedule an academic program planning session or learn about additional services.

Civil and Environmental Engineering students that have completed the engineering fundamentals coursework sequence and are in good standing are required to meet yearly with their academic advisor, Ms.April Gonzalez. Students are to be advised in either the fall or spring semesters, depending on the student ID number. Even ID numbers are advised in the fall, before spring registration and odd ID numbers are advised in the spring, before summer or fall registration. It is the responsibility of the student to schedule these meetings, when prompted by e-mail from their advisor.

Advising is required each semester for any student meeting the following criteria:

  • Students on who are on academic probation or are ‘off track’
  • Students who have not accumulated 30 hours at UTK

The Department encourages any student who seeks an advising appointment at any time to e-mail the CEE academic advisor Ms. April Gonzalez to inquire about scheduling an appointment.

Instructions for students required to schedule an advising appointment:

  • Run your DARS report via myutk and complete the list of courses that you plan to take for the next two semesters on the Academic Planning Guide. Note any courses within the civil and environmental engineering curriculum for which you made a C- or lower on the curriculum flow chart.
  • Schedule an appointment with your advisor via the Grades First e-mail that you will receive and bring your printed DARS report, Academic Plan and Curriculum Flow Chart with you to each appointment.

Faculty Career Mentors

Faculty Career Mentors will be assigned and introduced to each student in CE 205: Professional Development I, upon progression into the Department. Students who have already completed CE 205 prior to Fall 2017 will continue to see their former faculty academic advisor for career mentoring.

Students are encouraged to schedule regular meetings with their Faculty Career Mentors to discuss topics such as co-op and internships, career advice, graduate school, undergraduate research opportunities, professional and technical societies, and other professional topics of interest.

Students who do not know their Faculty Career Mentor are encouraged to contact Ms.April Gonzalez, the CEE Academic Advisor.

Graduation Requirements

Students are required to maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 2.00 in all civil and environmental engineering courses that are taken at UT and used to satisfy graduation requirements.

No more than four credit hours of civil and environmental engineering courses in which a C- or lower is the highest grade earned may be counted toward graduation. Students must earn a grade of C or better in all courses within their two selected concentrations.

Concentrations available within the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering include (all students must complete two):

Construction (Only offered in Spring): CE 441 or CE 448 and CE 432 (Spring) or CE 463 (Fall)
Environmental (Only offered in Spring): CE 481 or CE 487 and CE 482
Geotechnical (Only offered in Spring): CE 430 or CE 437 and CE 432
Structures (Only offered in Fall): CE 461 or CE 467 and CE 463
Transportation (Only offered in Fall): CE 455 or CE 458 and CE 456
Water Resources (Only offered in Fall): CE 494 or CE 497 and CE 496

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