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Undergraduate Transfer Guide

Students interested in transferring to CEE should make an appointment with Chris Cherry, Associate Department Head of Undergraduate Studies, for admission to the program and initial advising.

Transferring from other departments within the Tickle College of Engineering during the first two years can usually be accomplished without any delay in graduation. Students who are interested in transferring to Civil and Environmental Engineering will generally be able to count most or all of the courses they have taken during their first two years toward their Civil Engineering degree requirements.

The following courses are routinely accepted as Technical Electives within the Civil Engineering curriculum:

  • Physics 231
  • Physics 232
  • Math 251
  • ME 231
  • ME 331
  • MSE 201
  • ECE 201
  • COSC 102
  • Chem 310
  • Chem 350
  • EF 230

Biology and Geology courses may count toward the CEE science elective.