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Category Archives: Research

Graduate student Yanchen Sun won a student paper award at the Eleventh International Conference on the Remediation and Management of Contaminated Sediments.

Professor Chris Cherry and his former student Hongtai Yang researched the impact of e-scooter sharing on bike sharing usage.

The research currently underway in the department is a part of building human and environmental resilience in the years to come.

Fred M. Peebles Professor Dayakar Penumadu is refining the materials of the future and nurturing the future leaders of advanced manufacturing.

Professor Qiang He and Assistant Professor Shaui Li studied the potential airborne transmission of the COVID-19 virus in schools and the impact of interventions.

Professor Asad Khattak is researching the path to a driverless future, and his findings show challenges for the adoption of connected automated vehicles.

Assistant Professor Shuai Li received an NSF grant to create AI-based underwater robots that can perform underwater infrastructure inspections.

Enexor BioEnergy and CEE’s Dayakar Penumadu have teamed up to design and build a combustion engine that can burn waste products with zero carbon emissions.

Professor Qiang He and Assistant Professor Shuai Li are conducting research on indoor air pollution, which could help with public health policy.

Professor Khalid Alshibli is co-leading a team that will study the chemical reaction between rocks and carbon dioxide when it is sequestered deep underground.