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Tag Archives: ORNL

A group from CEE is working with the Tennessee Department of Transportation to develop new concrete mixtures that will be more eco-friendly and cost efficient.

Zhou awarded $1.5 million to develop an innovative technique called Monolnsu that will insulate and seal a home’s exterior to reduce energy consumption by buildings.

Enexor BioEnergy and CEE’s Dayakar Penumadu have teamed up to design and build a combustion engine that can burn waste products with zero carbon emissions.

Doctoral student Debalina Ghosh developed a new concrete formula that both quickens the drying time of precast concrete and has a reduced carbon footprint.

Professor Qiang He and Assistant Professor Shuai Li received a RAPID Award to research disease-resistant infrastructure to mitigate the spread of infectious pathogens.

The failure of concrete in any form of construction is troubling enough, but add in the ‘failure-is-not-an-option’ component of nuclear […]

Terry Hazen, UT-ORNL Governor’s Chair for Environmental Biotechnology, was recently profiled on the Oak Ridge National Laboratory website. The profile […]

CEE professor Dayakar Penumadu will lead a joint investigation with ORNL and RMX Technologies to demonstrate standard modulus carbon fiber from textile PAN.

Changes in climate and shifts in population density can lead to significant changes in regional demand for electricity. As the nation plans its […]