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Assistant Professor Shuai Li Awarded ASCE’s Collingwood Prize

CEE assistant professor Shuai Li has been awarded ASCE’s Collingwood Prize for his paper, “Integrating Natural Language Processing and Spatial Reasoning for Utility Compliance Checking,” on which he was the principal investigator when he was a doctoral student at Purdue.

Li’s research is concerned with improving the safety of underground infrastructure to prevent such incidents as natural gas pipeline explosions. However, the framework developed in this research can extend to a variety of applications in which spatial cognition is indispensable, automation is needed, and knowledge exploration is valued.

“I feel excited and encouraged to continue bringing intelligent technology to the field, where spatial cognition is indispensable, automation is needed, and knowledge exploration is valued,” he said.

The Collingwood Prize recognizes an outstanding paper published by investigators under the age of 35.

Read the full research paper here.