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CEE Graduate Student Presents at Unisense Workshop in Denmark

CEE environmental engineering graduate student Yongchao Xie presented at a Unisense workshop in Aarhus, Denmark, March 14-16. Unisense is a world leading manufacturer of microsensors and instrumentation for microscale measurements in the medical and environmental fields. Xie presented his experience designing a bioreactor that could monitor denitrifying microorganism activity by measuring nitrogen oxide with Unisense microsensor/electrodes.

The workshop covered the following areas: 1) Introduction and theory behind microsensor and application; 2) Scientific presentations by workshop participants and guest speakers; 3) Tour of facility and production; 4) Demonstration of Unisense sensors, instruments and software; and 5) Hands-on training and experimental work.

“This workshop gave me a better theoretical understanding about using electrochemical methods to explore microbial/environmental problems,” he said. “Another precise system will be built up in Dr.Loeffler’s lab for deeper exploration of nitrogen oxide turnover in the environmental system.”