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Mobley Wins Outstanding New Advisor Award

Jeremy Mobley.CEE student advisor Jeremy Mobley received the Outstanding New Advisor Award from the Tennessee Academic Advising Association (TennACADA), an organization of professional and faculty advisors and student support personnel at UT. This award specifically recognizes advisors who have not served more than two years at UT and who have exhibited excellence in their advising.

“To win this award in my first year with the civil undergrads is truly an honor and, for me, gives even greater meaning to the work I put into ensuring their success,” said Mobley. “Both the students and my team (advising and the department) helped to make this my reality, and I couldn’t be happier to provide this service to the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.”

In many ways, academic advisors are the most important mentors an undergraduate college student has.

Advisors become trusted allies who help students navigate the new pressures of their academic lives. They also help individual students by guiding them on the best strategies for their individual success at UT and beyond.

“I have watched Jeremy become an outstanding academic advisor since he took on this role with Tickle College of Engineering last September,” said Senior Advisor Kerri Cline, of the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering. “He has proved to be a knowledgeable advisor who genuinely cares about the wellbeing and success of his students. I feel incredibly fortunate to have a colleague such as Jeremy to work with and I have no doubt he will be a great contributor to the larger advising community with his drive to continually grow in the profession. “

Anyone affiliated with UT may nominate an advisor to receive this award.

TennACADA is an allied member of The Global Community for Academic Advising (NACADA) and supports the goals and programs of NACADA.