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Kuo Recognized for Air Quality Research

Cheng-pin Kuo.

Cheng-pin Kuo

CEE doctoral student Cheng-pin Kuo, who is studying under John D. Tickle Professor Joshua Fu, received the Environmental Management or Policy Research and Study Related to Air Quality scholarship from the Air and Waste Management Association (A&WMA) for his exceptional work in air quality research and study.

Kuo’s professional goal is to use the power of modeling and machine learning to improve air quality and benefit public health. Particulate matter (PM) is categorized by size, and Kuo’s interest is in the fine particles, called PM 2.5, which is the most dangerous to human health because it can enter into the bloodstream from deep inside the lungs.

His current research focuses on the land-use patterns at different urbanization levels that affect the vulnerability of PM2.5 exposure and the fusion techniques of observation and modeled data.

“As knowing the air quality forecasting is becoming important for air pollutant emission control and human health protection at the global and regional scales, my doctoral research will focus on real-time air quality forecasting models and fusion techniques of deterministic models and statistical models,” he said. “My research will provide a more efficient way to forecast air quality and assess air quality improvement under diverse air quality implementation plans.”

Kuo received $2,000 for tuition expenses and was recognized virtually at the A&WMA’s 114th Virtual Annual Conference and Exhibition at the Honors and Awards Ceremony on June 16th.

A primary goal of A&WMA is to foster educational activities in the areas of air quality, waste management, and environmental management, policy and law.