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Cherry Talks E-Bikes in Bloomberg City Lab

Christopher Cherry.

Chris Cherry

E-bikes and e-cargo bikes could transform the transportation sector and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by replacing car trips and some cars altogether—if Congress would take an interest and offer better tax incentives. This is according to the op-ed in Bloomberg City Lab “It’s Time to Treat E-Bikes Like Vehicles” in which Professor Chris Cherry was significantly quoted.

Cherry’s research was cited to make the case. His study examining bikeshare trends in Knoxville showed that 11% of e-bikeshare trips replaced car trips, while pedal bikeshare trips hardly replaced any car trips at all.

Some of the reasons for this are that e-bikes are used in scenarios when regular pedal riding is not desirable, including humid weather or a route with hills. Cherry added that people feel safer on e-bikes because they allow users to keep up with the pace of traffic.