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Chris Cherry

Christopher Cherry

Associate Professor


Sustainable Transportation
Non-Motorized Transportation Safety
Travel Behavior and Demand
Transportation Economics
Commercial Vehicle Safety
Transportation and the Environment
Multimodal Transport. Planning & Operations
Transit Security
Shared Vehicles


UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, BERKELEY, Berkeley, CA, Ph.D. Civil and Environmental Engineering-Transportation. Minors in City and Regional Planning and Economics. Awarded May 2007.
Dissertation Topic: Environmental, Safety and Mobility Implications of Electric Two-Wheeler Use In China

UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA, Tucson, AZ, Masters of Science in Civil Engineering-Transportation. Awarded December 2003.

UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA, Tucson, AZ, Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering. Awarded December 2000.


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Ni, M.C., C. Cherry, E. Deakin (2012)Conducting Transportation Survey Research in China: Review Of Experiences And Best Practices. Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board (in press).

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Cherry, C., B. Donlon, X. Yan, S.E. Moore, J. Xiong (2012) Illegal midblock pedestrian crossings in China: Gap acceptance, conflict, and crossing path analysis. International Journal of Injury Control and Safety Promotion (in press) DOI: 10.1080/17457300.2011.628751.

Cherry, C., A. Adelakun (2012) Truck Driver Perceptions and Preferences: Congestion and Conflict, Managed Lanes, and Tolls. Transport Policy 24 pg 1-9.

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Weinert, J., C.T. Ma, C. Cherry (2007) The Transition to Electric Bikes in China: History And Key Reasons For Rapid Growth. Transportation. 34(3).

Chris Cherry

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