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Han’s Research Recognized as Highly Cited by TRB

Lee Han.The Transportation Research Board (TRB) recently announced that Professor Lee Han’s 2017 article entitled “Real-Time Piecewise Regression Application to Effective and Economical Collection of GPS Trajectory Data,” published in the organization’s journal, Transportation Research Record, was the third most highly cited paper in the journal in 2019.

The article was co-authored by then-research graduate assistants in CEE’s transportation program, Yang Zhang and Yuandong Liu. These citations contributed to the single largest increase in the impact factor in the history of the journal.

The article addresses the vast challenges of big data used in transportation studies data collection, including storage, transfer, visualization, and processing, with a primary focus on GPS trajectory data. Han presents a procedure for users to choose the best parameter value for their GPS devices.

Results of experiments with real-world trajectory data indicate that when the proper parameter value is selected, the proposed method achieves significant compression power (more than 10 times), maintains acceptable accuracy (less than 5 meters), and always outperforms the fixed-rate sampling approach.

The journal has allowed temporary free access for a month. Read Han’s 2017 article.