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Capstone Design Spring 2019

Project Sponsor: Legacy Parks
Team Members: Matthew Howard, Charlie Cianciolo, Laura Ferrer

Design a restoration and improvement plan for the ruins of a historic springhouse located within the Baker Creek Preserve. The restoration will reduce sediment and pollutant loading in Baker Creek downstream of the site through the construction of a stormwater catchment system and the diversion of spring water.

Project Sponsor: C2RL
Team Members: Leah Stephens, James Throckmorton, Grayson Layne, Ben Morris

Design a foundation for a substation located over an abandoned zinc mine. The scope of the project encompasses geotechnical site investigations, analyses of soil stability, structural design of the foundation, creation of a construction-ready drawing set, and an estimation of costs.

Senior Design team and advisor Jenny Retherford.

Project Sponsor: City of Athens, Tennessee
Team Members: Josh Oakes, Josh Yoakum, Jona Ligon, Conner Naffziger, Ben Huskey

Develop a civil/site plan for the City of Athens’ new Public Works Building. This project contains elements of structural design, geotechnical analysis, and construction viability.

Josh Oakes, Josh Yoakum, Conner Naffziger, Jona Elgon at the Senior Design Showcase.

Project Sponsor: Barth Farms (David Barth)
Team Members: Charlie Boss, Alex Stanley, David Abston, Kevin White

Design a single lane vehicle bridge to replace an old bridge that poses safety hazards. The abutments of the current bridge are in poor condition and subject to sever scour which raises safety concerns from the owner. The superstructure of the current bridge is also not built to any current codes and needs a redesign.

Charlie Boss, David Abston, Kevin White, and Alex Stanley stand on a small bridge.

Project Sponsor: Knoxville Utilities Board
Team Members: Kaleb Huling, Emily Ervin, Ryan Watkins, Adam Dunn, Browden Anderson

Evaluate performance of a pilot UV disinfection system at a local wastewater plant and use results to determine feasibility for full plant transition from current disinfection system. After determination of pilot performance, design new disinfection system and prepare documents for the construction process.

Emily Ervin, Adam Dunn, Kaleb Huling, Ryan Watkins at the Senior Design Showcase.

Project Sponsor: Tennessee Department of Transportation
Team Members: Joseph Howell, Courtnie Strader, Megan Lamon, John Carson, Charlie Mubarak

Design a state industrial access road with the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) that serves Denso Manufacturing in Maryville, Tennessee. Design the horizontal and vertical curves for the roadway, the lane and shoulder widths, and a speed limit. Also design any drainage and runoff management to accommodate the rivers, streams, and the floodplain on the site. Ensure the soil on site is the quality needed for the project. If not, determine what needs to be done to improve the soil quality. Estimate a cost for the project using the design and unit costs of the materials needed.

Courtnie Strader, Charlie Mubarak, Megan Lamon, and John Carson at the Senior Design Showcase.

Carter Groves, Christian Moloney, Bronson Maddox, and Caleb Pemberton at the Senior Design Showcase.

Project Sponsor: City of Loudon, Tennessee
Team Members: Christian Moloney, Carter Groves, Bronson Maddox, Caleb Pemberton

Design a riverwalk alongside the Tennessee River in downtown Loudon. The riverwalk will bring the community closer to the river that it has been disconnected from for many years.

Project Sponsor: Transit Alliance of East Tennessee
Team Members: Emily Egan, Austin Hunt, Jonathan Morse

Develop a light rail system connecting Knox and Blount County. Evaluate existing rail line and identify station locations along the intended route.

Austin Hunt, Emily Egan, and Jonathan Morse.

Project Sponsor: Gatlinburg Greenway Project
Team Members: Kyle McMullen, Nicholas Malone, Corey Baldwin, Rebekah Kish, and Rebecca Bennett

Our goal is to design a safe, environmentally friendly route through the Glades that would provide a pathway for residents and visitors to safely walk, jog, or bike, and link the crafts community and Glades area neighborhoods with downtown Gatlinburg. The greenway is the first of three phases that will be a quarter mile in length.

The Senior Design team looks over blueprints.

Photo by Stephen Bridges.

Project Sponsor: Tennessee Department of Transportation
Team Members: Tim Kelly, Kinzee Clark, Riley Greiff, Tyler Atkins

The I-640 off-ramp experiences backups resulting in traffic overflow onto the interstate creating safety concerns. Our transportation team has been tasked with analyzing the roadways in the nearby vicinity and develop a long-term solution.

Project Sponsor: Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Team Members: Salvador Morales, Annie Diegel, Forrest Wright, Austin Williams

Design a Non-Magnetic Foundation for a new research facility intended to further study the measurement of the neutron’s dipole moment. The experiment aims to uncover the reason why matter exists in the universe. The foundation will use different non-magnetic reinforcing materials to minimize any magnetic interference on the experimental equipment.

Senior Design team beside a building.

Project Sponsor: Rogers Group
Team Members: Ethan Riddle, Jonathan Trzil, Scott Wilson, Connor Witzeman

Develop a system to prevent and further reduce vehicular intrusions into temporary work zones on highway construction projects. The team has developed a system that integrates high speed rumble strips and LIDAR sensors to reduce the speeds of incoming traffic and alert construction workers of non-authorized vehicles entering a work zone at dangerous speeds.

Senior Design team.