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Angel Palomino.

Angel Palomino

Associate Professor


Angel Palomino joined the Civil and Environmental Engineering faculty at the University of Tennessee in January 2012. Previously, Palomino was a faculty member at the Pennsylvania State University, where she held the Hartz Career Development Professorship.

She received her PhD from the Georgia Institute of Technology, after which she remained for one year as a post-doctoral fellow in the Particulate Media Research Laboratory. During her graduate studies, Palomino was honored with the Georgia Tech President’s Fellowship as well as the National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship.

Her specialties in teaching and research are micro-scale soil mechanics, clay particle surface modification, beneficial uses of coal combustion products, engineered soil materials, and understanding the influence of geogrids in pavement structures.


Particle Modification for the Development of Engineered Soil Materials
Engineered Soil Fabrics-Pore Fluid Chemistry & Mineral Mixtures
Clay Particle Surface Modification
Micro-Scale Soil Mechanics
Geogrids in Pavement Engineering Applications
Large-Volume Applications of Coal Combustion Products
Swelling Behavior of Pyritic Shale


PhD, Georgia Institute of Tech. in Geotech. Eng., 2004
MSCE, Georgia Institute of Tech. in Geotech. Eng., 1999
BSCE, Georgia Institute of Tech. in Envir. Eng., 1998
BA Natural Sci., Our Lady of the Lake University, 1998


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Maurer, B.W., Gustafson, A.C., Bhatia, S.K., and Palomino, A.M. (2012), "Geotextile Tube Dewatering of Flocculated, Fiber Reinforced Fly-Ash Slurry", Fuel, 97, 411-417,

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Angel Palomino.

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