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Capstone Design Spring 2020

Project Sponsor: First Utility District
Team Members: Joseph Bresson, Tyler Galyon, Xander Gothard, Ryan Livesey, Jonathan West

Choto Peninsula in Knoxville has potential for development which could provide a significant economic boost to the area. Knox County has elected to change its current wastewater system on the Choto Peninsula from individual septic tanks to a low-pressure sewer system. Design efforts entail developing a master plan and a wastewater network such that future development can be encouraged. Evaluation includes design for both system upgrades and new low-pressure systems to replace existing septic systems and currently unserved areas anticipated for development.

Project Sponsor: TDOT
Team Members: Jeremy Bronner, Rachel Carson, Jesse Head, Matthew Keisling, Ryan Keller, Gage Thomas, William White

Current alignment and signalization of the intersection at State Route 33 and England Industrial Road in Claiborne County, Tennessee, are ineffective, causing traffic queuing and delays for drivers. Transportation, construction, and stormwater engineering services are necessary to reduce traffic queuing and improve safe traffic flow at the intersection.

The team added a left turn lane on S.R. 33 and a through/right lane on Lynch Lane. Their
proposal also included widening of Lynch Lane and realignment with England Industrial
Road. Additionally, the new intersection design required alterations to and analysis of
the existing drainage structures.

Project Sponsor: City of Knoxville
Team Members: Justin McDade, Carson Gribble, Dylan Dempsey, Harrison Ooi,
Ibraham Aklouk, Kanghao He, William McCartt

The intersection of Council Place, Sevier Avenue, Gay Street, and Blount Avenue in Knoxville is complex and inefficient. The Knoxville South Waterfront Vision Plan sets the groundwork for a walkable/bikeable environment that is well connected with downtown Knoxville and creates opportunities. The intersection of Blount Street, Gay Street, Sevier
Ave, and Council Place was envisioned to be a roundabout serving as an entrance to the south waterfront from the Gay Street Bridge. The final project has two preliminary options for the design of the roundabout, which provide a better way to circulate traffic through an intersection.

Project Sponsor: Gresham Smith
Team Members: Wesley Darling, Zachary Jerome, Collis Lowe, Logan Naifeh, Brady Nutt, Drew Ferguson, Tyler Fox

Design is necessary for a new collector road and on-ramp connecting the proposed Cherahala Boulevard extension to Pellissippi Parkway to improve safety and connectivity in the vicinity of Faith Promise Church in west Knoxville. Efforts include significant grade modifications, geotechnical services, utilities and drainage design, mindful of the geometric needs of the roadway to serve the drivers accessing the neighborhood.

Project Sponsor: Robert C. Campbell
Team Members: Ross Armstrong, Josh Clanton, Korbin Hinson, Lauren Meffe, John Newman, Francis Nuñez, David Swinney, Nicholas Manley

Maryville Little League’s property spans Brown Creek, but a dilapitated bridge no longer allows access between the spaces adjacent to the stream. Services require design of a new bridge to accommodate both pedestrian and vehicular access for users of the ballpark. Additionally, small children access the stream and a water quality study is warranted to ensure water contact is safe.

Project Sponsor: LDA Engineering
Team Members: Kadee Klimowicz, Sean Lee, Emma Parks, and Caroline Stephens

Water scarcity is an increasingly prevalent issue many municipalities face or will face in the near future. Design and construction of a portable wastewater treatment unit suitable to accept wastewater treatment plant effluent serves as a prototype for wastewater re-use. Water quality testing ensures the treated water meets drinking water standards and allows for a beer brewing trial application.

Project Sponsor: TDOT
Team Members: Andrew Funnell, Daniel Ramirez, George Hana, Jack Rymer, Jim Hegedus, Madison Mclaughlin, William Sudbrink

Degradation of a nearly 100-year old bridge in downtown Unicoi County, Tennessee, warrants replacement as a recent TDOT bridge inspection indicates the bridge is insufficient. Design for replacement of the bridge require structural and geotechnical services; drainage upgrades, transportation design, and utility relocation are also needed as widening is necessary to bring the roadway in compliance with current TDOT standards.

Project Sponsor: Newport Utilities
Team Members: Anna Poppelreiter, Evan Hamilton, Mark Ludwig, Matthew Miller

This team was tasked with designing an upgrade to the existing grit removal system at Newport Wastewater Treatment Plant, prone to maintenance issues and ineffective treatment of wastewater prior to discharge into local waterways. Design entails classification of grit in the system, selection of new equipment, hydraulics analysis and design of new pipe network fixtures, and associated site civil efforts to install the new system.

Project Sponsor: S&ME, Inc.
Team Members: Pierce Anderson, Alex Brockob, Colby Gilbert, Michael Hadley, Scott Malone, Andrew Patchen, Andrew Shahan

Sterchi Lodge, located on the North Carolina-Tennessee border near Max Patch, is an important gathering place for the congregation of Church Street United Methodist Church and others in the community to have a retreat and event space close to nature. Engineering services are required to ensure adequate structural capacity of an existing wooden deck considerate of occupancy and use changes occurring at the existing structure. Design effort entails full structural evaluation of the deck, evaluation of the connected roof, and foundation evaluation. Additionally, signs of slope slip is evident and warrant evaluation of the existing site for potential instability.