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Terry Hazen.

Terry C. Hazen

Governor’s Chair for Environmental Biotechnology


Bachelor of Science with honor, 1973 from Michigan State University.

  • Major: Interdepartmental Biology

Master of Science, 1974 from Michigan State University.

  • Major: Interdepartmental Biology
  • Specialty: Parasitology

Doctor of Philosophy, 1978 from Wake Forest University.

  • Major: Parasitology-Ecology
  • Minor: Microbiology-Immunology
  • Special Skills: Electron Microscopy (Transmission and Scanning), Computer Programming


Justice, N. B., Sczesnak A., C. Hazen, and A.P. Arkin. 2017. "Environmental Selection, Dispersal, and Organism Interactions Shape Community Assembly in High Throughput Enrichment Culturing." AEM. doi:10.1128/AEM.01253-17. (3.807, 0)*.

Lewis, A. J., M. F. Campa, C. Hazen, and A. P. Borole. 2017. "Unraveling Biocomplexity of Electroactive Biofilms for Producing Hydrogen from Biomass." Microbial Biotechnology. DOI:10.1111/1751-7915.12756. (3.513, 0).

Liu, J., S. M. Techtmann, H. L. Woo, D. Ning, L. Fortney, and T. C. Hazen. 2017. "Rapid Response of Eastern Mediterranean Deep Sea Microbial Communities to Oil." Nature Scientific Reports. 7: 5762 | DOI:10.1038/s41598-017-05958-x (5.228, 0).

Woo, H. L., K. M. DeAngelis, H. Teshima, K. Davenport, H. Daligault, T. Erkkila, L Goodwin, W. Gu, C.-C. Lo, C. Munk, M, Scholz, Y. Xu, P. Chain, D. Bruce, C. Detter, R. Tapia, C. Han, B. A. Simmons, and C. Hazen. 2017. "High Quality Draft Genome Sequences of Four Lignocellulose-degrading Bacteria from Puerto Rican Forest Soil- Gordonia sp., Paenibacillus sp., Variovorax sp., and Vogesella sp." Genome Announcement. 5(18): e00300-17. (NA, 0).

Zhang, P., Z. He, J. D. Van Nostrand, Y. Qin, Y. Deng, L. Wu, Q. Tu, J. Wang, C. W. Schadt, M. W. Fields, C. Hazen, A. P. Arkin, D. A. Stahl, and J. Zhou. 2017. "Dynamic succession of groundwater sulfate-reducing communities during prolonged reduction of uranium in a contaminated aquifer." Environ. Sci. Technol. 51:3609-3620. DOI:10.1021/acs.est.6b02980. (6.198, 5)

Terry Hazen.

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