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J. Hal Deatherage

Emeritus Professor


Hal Deatherage is a registered Professional Engineer in the states of Tennessee, Alabama, and Kentucky. He has extensive industry experience both as President and Chief Operating Officer of an Architectural and Engineering design firm and a general construction firm. He has extensive consulting experience in construction litigation in the areas of construction safety, code compliance, structural analysis, quality of workmanship, and construction productivity. 


Construction Methods: Major investigations of various highway construction methods have been studied which include Lead Paint Removal Techniques From Highway Bridges and Sediment and Erosion Control of Hghway Construction Projects. The latter resulted in the development of a Manual detailing erosion control techniques for the Tennessee Department of Transportation.

Field Testing of Highway Bridges and Components: Fatigue, Impact, and Load Distribution of highway bridges have been studied. Behavior and dynamic responses of embedded prestressed concrete piles has been investigated. Behavior of steel pile abutments under slowly applied loads has been studied.

Laboratory Testing of Full Scale Bridge Components: Investigation of development lengths and transfer lengths of prestressed concrete AASHTO girder. Testing involved extensive instrumentation, load testing to failure, and analysis of the AASHTO girders.

Construction Productivity: Major investigations involving productivity of all pertinent aspects of highway construction including road and drainage excavations, placement of asphalt, placement of concrete, pile driving, bridge deck rehabilitation, and box culvert construction have been studied. This research will provide enhanced scheduling and claims avoidance techniques for the Tennessee Department of Transportation.


Bachelor of Science, University of Missouri at Rolla, 1965

Master of Science, University of Missouri at Rolla, 1966

Ph.D., University of Tennessee, 1987 

Professional Service

Deatherage has been a branch officer in ASCE and served on the District 9 Board of Directors. He is currently active on Transportation Research Board committees on Construction Management, Dynamic and Field Testing of Bridges, Construction Work Zone Safety, and Mechanical Properties of Concrete. He is also a member of the PCI Bridge Committee.


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