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Adrian Gonzalez dressed in a long sleeve plaid Tennessee Power T shirt, gestures with his hands while explaining his work inside a laboratory environment.

CEE’s Gonzalez Pens STEM Mystery Series for Young Readers

Lola Derez STEM Mysteries book cover featuring an illustrated young girl holding what appears to be a flashlight. The character is dressed in a blue t-shirt and black pants and is wearing a pink book bag.

Book cover of the Lola Derez S.T.E.M. Mysteries, authored by Adrian Gonzalez.

Engineering Vols find ingenious ways to apply the knowledge they gather in their investigations and lab work.

Adrian Gonzalez, CEE research associate and director of the Water Quality Core Facility, channels some of this engineering energy into The Lola Dérez STEM Mysteries, a series of books that introduces STEM ideas to young readers through the adventures of a teenage investigator.

Gonzalez was inspired to write the series to help children from under-represented populations to connect to the world of STEM—and hopefully motivate and inspire them to pursue STEM studies and careers. Book one of the series came out in 2022 and the second is in production this summer with publication hopeful for late 2023.

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