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Two CEE Staff Members Receive MBA Degrees

Samantha Allen and Amber MathesTwo CEE staff members have recently completed master’s degrees in business administration while continuing to work full time.

Business Manager Samantha Allen and Financial Specialist I Amber Mathes took the same online MBA program through UT Martin concurrently. The MBA program enables working professionals to complete degree requirements on a faster schedule than other programs allow – within six semesters over the course of two years. Classes are taken one at a time and last six-weeks each. Each class builds on the previous one, with curriculum on business skills, financial management, legal and ethical environments, and strategic management.

“I have always been a supporter of work experience and still believe knowledge gained on the job is important, but now I know that work experience and degree go hand-in-hand,” said Allen. “My MBA program strengthened my skills in teamwork, time management, communication, critical thinking, and leadership. These soft skills assist me daily while working with students, faculty, and administrators.”

“Online was the only way I could go to school with a family and working full time,” said Mathes. “I have always operated on the mentality that higher education is extremely important. This MBA program helped me with skills related to teamwork, communication, critical thinking, leadership, and strengthened my knowledge of the world of business.”

Allen, who also received her BS degree while working full-time at UT, added that another motivation for her was to set an example for her children about the importance of education. “Being a first-generation student changes the present for the student and the future for all family members,” she said. “Because of my decision and years of late nights at the dining room table, my children “know that higher education is not easy or optional.”

“We are incredibly proud of Samantha and Amber for pursuing their MBA degrees,” said Department Head and Professor Chris Cox. “The skills and knowledge they have gained go toward helping our entire department function at the highest level.”