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Wei Hu.

Wei Hu

Research Assistant Professor


Infrastructural materials, construction technology, and traffic safety.


BS Civil Engineering, Southeast University, China, 1995
MS Civil Engineering, Southeast University, China, 2003
PhD Civil Engineering, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, 2018

Awards and Recognitions

Member, ASCE, Bituminous Materials Committee

Extraordinary Professional Promise, Chancellor's Honors Banquet, University of Tennessee, 2017


Hu, Wei, Qiao Dong, Chunjiao Dong, Jun Yang, and Baoshan Huang. "Access to trauma centers for road crashes in the United States." Journal of Safety Research 65(2018): 21-27.

Hu, Wei, Xiang Shu, Xiaoyang Jia, and Baoshan Huang. "Geostatistical analysis of intelligent compaction measurements for asphalt pavement compaction." Automation in Construction 89 (2018): 162-169.

Hu, Wei, Qingke Nie, Baoshan Huang, Xiang Shu, and Qiang He. "Mechanical and Microstructural Characterization of Geopolymers Derived from Red Mud and Fly Ashes." Journal of Cleaner Production 186 (2018): 799-806

Nie, Qingke, Wei Hu, Baoshan Huang, Xiang Shu, and Qiang He. "Synergistic utilization of red mud for flue-gas desulfurization and fly ash-based geopolymer preparation." Journal of Hazardous Materials 369 (2019): 503-511.

Wei Hu.

Contact Information

  • 433 John D. Tickle Engineering Building
  • Phone: 865-974-2608
  • E-mail: