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Papanicolaou Paper Ranked Number 5

Thanos PapanicolaouThanos Papanicolaou and his team’s recent paper “Stability Analysis of Semicohesive Streambanks with CONCEPTS: Coupling Field and Laboratory Investigations to Quantify the Onset of Fluvial Erosion and Mass Failure” co-authored with Tommy Sutarto, Christopher Wilson, and Eddy Langendoen (of the National Sedimentation Lab) is currently the #5 most viewed/downloadable paper for the Journal of Hydraulic Engineering ASCE. This is throughout the entire 60-year history of the journal. We are compared with papers going back to 1984 by Leo Van Rijn. The list is updated daily based on the volume of full text article downloads. The paper examines the stream bank soil strength and stability using a state-of-the-art erosion flume housed at our UTK Hydraulic Sedimentation Lab. The work was done in the Clear Creek watershed, part of the NSF Intensively Managed Landscapes Critical Zone Observatory for which Papanicolaou is the co-director.

Read the paper.