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Cherry Speaks to Bloomberg Green about E-Bike Funding in Build Back Better Act

Person riding an e-bike is stopped at an urban intersection.

Professor Chris Cherry was recently quoted in Bloomberg Green for the article “E-Bike Sales Could Get Big Push From Build Back Better Act,” which spotlights the federal spending for e-bikes should a version of bill pass the Senate. As of the time the article was published, the bill offered a credit of 30 percent for up to $3,000 spent for a new e-bike, excluding bikes that cost more than $4,000.

Christopher Cherry.Cherry finds it notable that the bill contains provisions for e-bikes considering that they are still relatively new to the public.

“The fact that there’s an e-bike incentive in a federal climate-slash-catch-all bill is remarkable considering that a few years ago a lot of folks didn’t know what e-bikes were,” he said.

Substituting car trips with e-bike trips has huge impacts, not only on climate warming greenhouse gases, but also on congestion and local pollution.