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Dr. Chris Cox Department Head and Robert M. Condara Professor(865)974-7700325 John D. Tickle
Dr. Khalid Alshibli Associate Dept. Head of Graduate Studies and Professor(865)974-7728422 John D. Tickle
Dr. John S. Schwartz Associate Dept. Head of Undergraduate and Professor(865)974-7721413 John D. Tickle
Dr. Joseph Amoah Lecturer(865) 974-0724323 John D. Tickle
Dr. Justin BabaJoint Faculty/
Dr. Richard M. Bennett Professor and Director of Engineering Fundamentals(865)974-9810207C Perkins
Dr. Edwin G. Burdette Fred N. Peebles Professor(865)974-7704316 John D. Tickle
Dr. Kimberly Carter Assistant Professor(865)974-7731420 John D. Tickle
Dr. Arun Chatterjee Emeritus Professor(865)974-2503
Dr. Christopher Cherry Associate Professor(865)974-7710321 John D. Tickle
Dr. David B. Clarke Research Assoc. Prof. & Director, Center for Transportation Res.(865)974-1812309-S Conference
Dr. Wayne Davis Professor and Dean of Engineering(865)974-5321124 Perkins
Dr. J. Hal DeatherageEmeritus Professor(865)
Dr. Robert Dodds, Jr.Research Professor(865)974-2503325 John D. Tickle
Dr. John Drake Research Professor(865)441-0589325 John D. Tickle
Dr. Eric C. DrummProfessor and Head, Biosystems Engr and Soil Science(865)974-7266101A BESS
Dr. Taylor EighmyProfessor & Vice Chancellor for Research and Engagement(865)974-8701771E Andy Holt
Dr. Islam H. El-adaway Associate Professor & Construction Program Coordinator(865) 974-0722417 John D. Tickle
Dr. Joshua S. Fu Professor(865)974-2629416 John D. Tickle
Dr. David W. Goodpasture Emeritus Professor(865)974-7703
Dr. David L. Greene Faculty Research Professor(865) 974-3839Baker Center, Rm.
Dr. Lee D. Han Professor(865)974-7707319 John D. Tickle
Dr. Jon Hathaway Assistant Professor(865)974-6058415 John D. Tickle
Dr. Terry C. Hazen Governor's Chair Professor(865)974-7709507
Dr. Qiang He Associate Professor(865)974-6067418 John D. Tickle
Dr. Baoshan Huang Edwin G. Burdette Professorship(865)974-7713419 John D. Tickle
Dr. Kan HuangResearch Assistant Professor851 Neyalnd
Dr. Asad Khattak Beaman Professor & Transportation Program Coordinator(865) 974-7792322 John D. Tickle
Dr. Frank LoefflerGovernors Chair Professor(865) 974-4004706 Science and Eng.
Dr. Z. John Ma Professor(865)974-7276313 John D. Tickle
Dr. Shashi Nambisan, P.E. Professor(865) 974-7706320 John D. Tickle
Dr. Angel Palomino Assistant Professor(865)974-7757423 John D. Tickle
Dr. Thanos Papanicolaou Professor, Henry Goodrich Chair of Excellence, Director of HSL(865)974-7836412 John D. Tickle
Dr. Jack Parker Research Professor(865) 974-7718311 Conference Center
Dr. Dayakar Penumadu Fred N. Peebles Professor and JIAM Chair of Excellence(865)974-7708312 John D. Tickle
Dr. Abbas Rashidi Assistant Professor(865) 974-7714421 John D. Tickle
Dr. Gregory Reed Emeritus Professor
Dr. Jennifer Retherford Lecturer(865) 974-2682315 John D. Tickle
Dr. R. Bruce Robinson Emeritus Professor(865)974-7730429 John D. Tickle
Dr. Srdjan SimunovicJoint Faculty/ORNL(865)
Dr. Akawut Siriruk Research Assistant
Dr. Glenn Tootle Adjunct Assistant Professor(205)348-6550
Dr. Timothy Truster Assistant Professor(865)974-1913318 John D. Tickle
Dr. Bruce A. Tschantz Emeritus Professor(865)974-2503311 UT Conference Center
Dr. Sudharshan VazhkudaiJoint Faculty/ORNL(865) 576-5547D215 Claxton Edu.
Dr. Frederick J. Wegmann Emeritus Professor(865)974-5255309 Conference Center
Dr. Nicholas Wierschem Assistant Professor(865) 974-8472317 John D. Tickle
Dr. Chris Wilson Research Assistant Professor(865) 974-7724430 John D. Tickle



Samantha AllenBusiness Manager(865)974-7727325B John D. Tickle
Annette CostarAdministrative Support Assistant(865)974-7726325F John D. Tickle
Sharon HaleAcademic Support Coordinator(865)974-771956 Perkins
Amber Mathes
Financial Specialist I(865) 974-7702325E John D. Tickle
Larry RobertsDesign Technician(865)974-2329204 John D. Tickle
Nancy RobertsTeaching Associate(865)974-3355211B John D. Tickle
Lisa SmithAdministrative Support Assistant(865)974-7701325 John D. Tickle
Ken ThomasElectric and Instrument Shop Supervisor(865)974-2329204 John D. Tickle
Jonathan TurnmireInformation Technology Specialist(865)974-8158203 John D. Tickle
Lindsi WhitakerAdministrative Support Assistant(865)974-6599325 John D. Tickle


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