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All CEE Classes      CE Undergraduate Classes      CE Graduate Classes      EV Graduate Classes
CE 205Professional Development I
CE 210Geomatics
CE 262Structural Mechanics
CE 300CADD Applications in Civil Engineering
CE 305Professional Development II
CE 309Applied Professional Responsibility
CE 310Civil and Environmental Engineering Lab
CE 321Materials of Construction
CE 331Geotechnical Engineering I
CE 355Transportation Engineering I
CE 371Structural Engineering I
CE 381Environmental Engineering I
CE 391Water Resources Engineering I
CE 400Senior Design Project
CE 401Review of Engr. Fundamentals
CE 405Professional Practice
CE 407Honors Undergraduate Research
CE 409Special Topic
CE 430Geotechnical Engineering II
CE 432Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory
CE 440CE System Design & Management
CE 442Construction Methods & Equipment
CE 451Highway Engineering
CE 453Airport/Railroad Planning & Design
CE 455Transportation Engineering II
CE 456Transportation Engineering Lab
CE 461Structural Engineering II
CE 462Analysis of Framed Structures
CE 463Structural Behavior Measurement
CE 472Steel Design
CE 474Reinforced Concrete Design
CE 481Environmental Engineering II
CE 482Envrionmental Engineering Laboratory
CE 485Principles of Hydrogeology
CE 486Air and Waste Management
CE 490Water Resources Applications
CE 494Water Resources Engineering II
CE 496Water Resources Engineering Laboratory
CE 510Urban Systems: Engineering and Management
CE 521Pavement Design
CE 522Mix Design for Asphaltic and Portland-Cement Concrete
CE 525Pavement Materials Characterization
CE 530Advanced Soil Mechanics & Slope Stability
CE 531Soil Stabilization
CE 532Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering
CE 533Advanced Laboratory & Institu Testing of Soil
CE 535Advanced Deep Foundations & Retaining Structures
CE 538Finite Element Applications in Geotechnical Engineering
CE 539Geotechnology Seminar
CE 540Construction Management I
CE 541Construction Management II
CE 543Construction Estimating
CE 550Transportation Seminar
CE 551Traffic Engr - Characteristics
CE 552Traffic Engr - Operations
CE 553Geo Design & Layout of Roadways & Community Facilities
CE 554Public Transit Planning and Operations
CE 556Traffic Accident Reconstruction
CE 557Transportation Planning and Operations with Micro-Computer
CE 558Planning & Transportation
CE 559Intermodal Transportation
CE 561Finite Element Applications in Structural Engineering
CE 562Structural Systems
CE 565Structural Dynamics
CE 571Behavior of Steel Structures
CE 572Fracture Analysis
CE 573Prestressed Concrete
CE 574Behavior of Reinforced Concrete
CE 576Masonry Design
CE 580Risk Analysis in Civil & Envir. Engineering
CE 595Special Topics.
CE 631Soil Dynamics
CE 634Engineering Soil Characteristics and Behavior
CE 651Analysis Techniques for Transportation Systems I
CE 652Analysis Techniques for Transportation Systems II
CE 671Behavior of Steel Bridges & Buildings
CE 674Behavior of Reinforced Concrete
CE 691Special Topics in Civil Engineering
EV 508Graduate Environmental Engineering Seminar
EV 511Environmental Chemistry
EV 512Environmental Transport and Kinetics
EV 513Environmental Microbiology
EV 520River Mechanics
EV 521Climate Impacts on Water Resources
EV 522Floodplain & Urban Flood Management
EV 525Soil Erosion & Sediment Yield
EV 530Urban Hydrology and Stormwater Engineering
EV 535Groundwater Hydrology
EV 550Advanced Applications in Water and Waste Treatment
EV 558Solid and Hazardous Waste Management
EV 561Climate and Environmental Informatics
EV 562Three Dimensional Climate Modeling
EV 574Air Pollution Engineering and Control
EV 576Applied Microbiology and Bioengineering
EV 577Air Pollution Climatology
EV 595Special Topics
EV 650Environmental Engineering Laboratory
EV 653Pollutant Fate Modeling & Risk Assessment
EV 671Advanced Concepts of Air Pollution Engineering
EV 672Air Pollution Dispersion Modeling
EV 691Special Topics in Envrionmental Engineering


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